About Us

About us

The fencing club Ágora was born during 2013, as a result of the concern of a group of young practitioner Valencianfencers of this sport since childhood, whose main objective is to try to bring our sport to the whole world.

Our desire has been to provide our experience and training to integrate it into a decision-making club body, with the main objective of helping other young athletes to meet their sporting goals, as well as promoting our sport as a generator of values ​​and as a way to face life challenges.


The Club opens fencing to all ages, we have the doors open for all people willing to start in our sport, we promote through different programs Promote gender equality in the sport of fencing as a tool to make visible equality between women and men. Encourage the presence of women in positions of responsibility in the different schools and clubs of the Royal Spanish Fencing Federation, especially in the Valencian Community territory, and promote a healthy attitude of collaboration and teamwork between fencers and fencers’ clubs. As a result, strong friendships have formed and a second family in the club to enjoy fencing.

The Fencing Agora Club offers opportunities to try free fencing at community events, offers scholarships to students who notify them and organizes classes in the “bring a friend to the room” program. To help recruiting new members, the club offers its classes as an after-school activity and summer camps.

The club also organizes sessions in schools, participates in the open days in September and offers brochures with information on classes and summer camps in schools throughout the year.

We got to put together exceptional staff and like-minded people who worked altogether on this trip, and we formed a team where personal growth through perseverance, intelligence, dedication, responsibility and integrity are our priority. These concepts play a vital role in the formation of all our athletes.

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