Last March 3rd, the Club Esgrima Ágora, took part in the international sports tournament organized by the Club Esportiu LGTB+ Samarucs Valencia, a tournament for visibility and LGTB+ claim, fighting against homophobia in sport, for the normalization, diversity of choice, sexual identity and rejection of any discrimination. The fencing club Agora collaborated with the entity, being part of the organization of the test and participating with two teams in the tournament of the fencing section.

This tournament is characterized by sportsmanship, plurality and respect among people regardless of their sexual orientation and identity. It is different, funny, and friendly, with significant contributions that make a difference in the staging, with all the rigour required by the Sports Federations involved. It is born with the intention of providing inclusive solutions that in the current regulations are not provided for by ignoring the diversity of choice and sexual identity.

Fencing debuts at Els Jocs Taronja for the first time with the “Three Weapons Tournament”. Currently in the Valencian Region there is no tournament that encourages participation in all disciplines of fencing and therefore we wanted to create

This is an unusual competition, due to the union of the three weapons: foil, sabre and sword. It’s a team tournament, made up of three fencers, one from each weapon. Respect, collaboration and honorability between shooters are some of our most cherished values.

The “Adapted Fencing Tournament” will also be held, the only test for wheelchair fencing in the Valencian Region.