The International Day against LGTBphobia in sport takes place every February 19th. From the fencing club Ágora, we wanted to make a free participatory fencing day for all ages in the square of the City Council of Valencia with the support of the Club Esportiu LGTB + Samarucs Valencia, the Robera Sala d’Armes Club and the FECV.

This day was carried out by our technical team working with two aims: first, to give support to the LGTB collective and secondly to perform a first experience with the world of fencing for all those interested in knowing it. With the guidance of a technician with the required official qualification, we taught basic aspects of our sport to all students who approached our workshop teaching them to be on guard, move within a fencing track and gradually assimilate the basic techniques necessary for attack and defence to live the emotions of a fight spreading our sport for a good cause.