The second of our visits took place in Krakow, where we met the Aramis club, one of the members of the FENCE4YOU project that we are carrying out during the year 2018.

The Aramis club, has the particularity of having different venues distributed in different cities of Poland, during our visit we were in the main headquarters located in Krakow, the organization does not have its own fencing room, but use different facilities that are provided for training. During our visit the activity took place in the gymnasium of a school that had all the facilities for the development of the activity: changing rooms, place to leave the material and for meetings.

The Aramis fencing school was formed in 1998, has a large organizational structure that allows them to have their own technicians distributed throughout the country and have different training headquarters having about 200 members, which facilitates that they can have developed their own system of competitions and establish a schedule of meetings between all partners.

The club is very active. It organizes trainings, competitions and specific workshops on certain weapons or techniques as well as camps during the holiday periods. Both, club members and others interested in knowing the discipline, are invited.

We were able to get to know the material used by them, swords, sabres and daggers that are manufactured by themselves, as well as all the protections they use for the safety of the participants and the equipment that is usually black.

They practice a combat system that combines the techniques of fencing with the martial arts, and contact may occur between the two adversaries. The trainings are given by qualified instructors who are normally active in competition.

In the sport practices that we made, we could verify, as they took the fencing to conditions similar to what can be a real fight, that forces to have great abilities not only related to the dexterity with the weapon but also in the movements that are made with the body and with some notions of martial arts.

During our stay we also attended the trainings they normally do in their club and we could enjoy another way of enjoying fencing that we did not know, here are some photos and videos that we could take during our visit!